Our Queens 

Al our cats grow up in our home for the first 6 months so they get used to everything and become well socialized.
After 6 months they move together to our outdoor areas. They live in groups where they feel happy.
Of course, they also have a large indoor accommodation, a cat wheel and several climbing/play opportunities.
When they are pregnant
we take them indoors 4 weeks prior to delivery and they stay indoors until the kittens are ready to move wich is between 12 and 14 weeks of age.

All our queens are tested for: PK-def, PRA-b. PKD/CIN, PK-def. 
We also screened our queens regularly for HCM by doppler; normally the first time at the age between 1,5 and 2 years old. 
They also are regularly tested for giardia, coccidiosis, tritrichomonas, worms and parasites. 


Gaia of Arindi Cats is born on February 20, 2016 and is a homebred girl out of Soraya of Arindi Cats and Duco of Arindi Cats. She came back to our cattery in 2017. We have to neuter her sister and happy for the opportunity to bred with this sweet girl.

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Arindi Cats Tesla is a homebred girl and born May 17th, 2016. Her parents are our Spotselotica Puzzle Pieces and Camaro Roscovitch. 9 years ago I had my first litter with a nice snow marbled female. I decided to keep the next ;-) but also learn a lot.. every next snow marbled after this girl was a boy.. We are very happy that Camaro's last kitten is a seal lynx marbled (and we will see if she is also a silver) 


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Arindi Cats Kalani is my homebred girl and born on November 21, 2016 and his parents are Spotselotica Puzzle Pieces and Duco of Arindi Cats. PKDEF and PRA-b N/N by parenting and her parents are HCM screenend She is born 36 hours later then her sister and brothers and from the beginning I know she was a keeper ;-) so we hope she is will give us one day kittens with the same character and mentality like her.. 





Arindi Cats Zafira is my homebred girl and born on April 15, 2017 and her parents are Kacey of Arindi and Heimdall Dellingr of Arindi. She had such a great character, we decided to keep her for our rozetted breeding program despite of her tarnish of her legs and head. So we hope she is will give us one day kittens with the same character and mentality like her.. 


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Arindi Cats Shabira is my homebred girl and born on August 16, 2017 and his parents are Arindi Cats Tesla and Heimdall Dellingr of Arindi. PKDEF and PRA-b N/N by parenting and her parents are HCM screenend. She is a silver seal lynx spotted bengal and we are very happy with her clear coat. She is also carry marbled ;-) 

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Siata Amica of Arindi Cats is a homebred girl and born on March 25th, 2018. 
Her parents are Spotselotica Ratatouille and Heimdall Dellingr
She is a black silver spotted female, but is also a carrier of snow and maybe marbled. 

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